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"Hand-made in Donegal, Ireland"

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Moville’s Made-to-Measure Service

With over 100 years of tailoring experience in our family, we love the opportunity to make a shirt that is bespoke to our customers. Our Made-to-Measure service is very popular with customers and we’ve made custom shirts for singer Sinead O’Connor, former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, Bishop Seamus Hegarty and Hollywood movie star Aidan Quinn

See Guide on How to Measure Yourself

We offer a variety of means of getting made to measure shirts by Moville.

 1. Do You require Slim-Fit Shirts ?

Although Moville's Standard Shirt Sizes are more of a Comfort Fit, we can supply Customers with a Slimmer Fit if requested, just email Joe here > with any queries on Slim-Fitting Shirts of any kind.


 2. You can send us your favourite shirt to Copy

A lot of our Customers on file nowadays have used this option.If you have a shirt that you just love the fit of we can copy it exactly to the specification you want. May it be an exact copy, or just some slight changes, like longer sleeves, slimmer fit, anything you want to be honest.


 3. Email us and we will get back to you with Help

In order to avail of our Made-to-Measure service simply contact us or email us directly at

You can download our Guide on How to Measure Yourself . If you have any trouble working out your measurements please get in touch as we would love to help. 



 Hollywood Star, Aidan Quinn gets measured up

Hollywood actor Aidan Quinn drops by to get a bespoke Moville shirt.

Download Guide on How to Measure Yourself